What is my house worth? Am I paying the right amount for the property? By how much will the value of my property increase after I renovate it?
These are highly important frequently asked questions of future home owners. For all of these cases the Peter Bruin appraisers can deliver the right and professional answer. 
When we make appraisals, we look at much more the appearance of your house. The location, the structural state, state of maintenance as well as private and public law aspects – all these factors are important when determining the market value of your property. Our certified appraisers will guarantee to pay attention to every little detail that might be important. 
Do you have question about our appraisal service or would you like the market value of your property to be determined? Then do not hesitate to contact Peter Bruin Makelaardij over the contact form or by calling us directly at 020-6768022.