We have over 40 years of experience in property sales and guarantee your property to be sold in an efficient and personal manner. Our professional broker will guide you through the entire sale process with advice and action with a personal touch in the central focus. For Peter Bruin Makelaardij your home is not just a property.

Mapping the object
Your home will be registered with our broker, who will map the characteristics of the object. The characteristics include an estimated valuation of the property, location, structural state, state of maintenance as well as private and public law aspects of the building. Our current market knowledge plays a crucial role in the process of the registration. 

Marketing Strategy
With mutual consultation between the seller and broker a suitable marketing strategy for the object will be determined, focusing on the goal of achieving the highest possible sales proceed. Peter Bruin will determine the unique advantages of your home and advise you on possible improvements, such as a small re-styling of the property.

Personal Sales Plan
Our certified agents will determine the asking price of the property and draw up a personal sales plan. The emphasis here lies on a perfect visual presentation of the object. We carefully take the perspective of the potential buyer and adapt the presentation to it.

Once a visual presentation of your property has been created, your home will be registered in the NVM- and MVA-database, Funda and Pararius website as well as our own website peterbruin.nl. 

Once a potential buyer has been found, we will arrange viewings and assist with the provision of sales brochures. Our experienced agents will arrange professional negotiations with the potential buyer with the aim of achieving the best sales price possible. 

Closing the deal
We carefully check all the relevant documents regarding the deeds to be made at the notary, namely the purchase deed and deed of delivery, and guide you through this process. Together with you we carry out the final inspection before the moment of delivery at the notary in order to determine whether the house is delivered in the agreed state written down in the purchasing agreement. 

Our professional expertise and commitment are the key to a successful sales transaction. For more information, contact us via our contact form or by giving us a call at 020-6768022.